We bring new viewpoints to challenge your body and mind. You can count on us whether you are starting your fitness journey for the first time or a seasoned athlete looking for ways to achieve your fitness goals safer and faster. Trainers at Gayle Gym center provide you with support and guidance in every part of your journey.


Gym Zone Arena 1996.

Since 1996, we have fitness programs for bodybuilders and weekend warriors. Our specialties lie in the field of Strength and Conditioning, functional training, sports nutrition and personal training.

We have a set of expertise and knowledge that can take anybody to the next level. The ability to adapt to the dynamic needs of individuals has enabled us to continue leading the fitness industry. 

We offer all significant health and fitness-related services under one roof. It allows us to use maximum communication and complete knowledge for attaining your body goals. Count on us for the best expert advice, safe and suitable training programs, fresh ideas for a new workout routine.

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Functional Trainings

Functional training encompasses all exercises that can be done conveniently in everyday’s life. The purpose is to emphasize more on flexibility and core strength. We show you how to try new moves quite easily and ways to build a healthy body weight routine. In the functional fitness realm, the aim is to target goals with specific exercises that have the potential to be functional in multiple ways.

Personal Tranings

Have you started a fitness journey and are looking for a coach or trainer who can assist you in achieving fitness goals safer and faster? Gayle gym center has pro trainers that give you individual expert advice, devise specific training and teach you how to try new moves. Personal training keeps you accountable and pushes you towards the next level of training.

Cardio Trainings

Shedding some weight and gaining healthy muscle is the ultimate priority of our cardio training—aerobic training work to elevate the heart rate using aerobic and sometimes anaerobic energy systems. Cardio exercises will lead to having a healthier heart and brain and prevent many diseases, including depression, osteoporosis, aids sleep, and reduces asthma symptoms.


The multi-joint movement, in conjunction with high-intensity exercises, help you gain stamina. Our cross fit plan incorporates all functional exercises into workout required to improve agility, flexibility and balance. Cross-fit involves high-intensity exercises and can be riskier if performed at home. Therefore, it is always recommendable to work with a trained fitness professional.


Capitalize on available time and spend it on the effective workout. Musculation is a common type of increasing the size of skeletal muscles. The state of the art gym accompanied by professional trainers, will act as unofficial therapists who work hard not just for your physical but mental health.

Sport Nutrition

We prepare a nutrition plan for peak athletic performance. To have the edge over the competition, you require a comprehensive training plan. The energy an athlete needs exceeds the energy an average person may require. Our team will devise a plan that has a variety of fruits and vegetables, whole-grain carbohydrates, proteins such as peanut butter, chicken and fish that excel the performance and help you achieve end goals.

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